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Welcome to the Baby Reading page.

Parents will find this page a useful resource in answering the question of when, where, why, and how to begin their child's path to reading.

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Top 5 Benefits of Teaching your Baby/Toddler to Read

1. Readies your child for kindergarten.
2. Alleviates worries about reading difficulties later on.
3. Takes advantage of easy time to "pick up" reading informally.
4. Makes your child smarter.
5. Creates a beautiful legacy.

Make Reading to Baby Fun!

Build baby’s language and intelligence with a daily read-aloud routine involving both father and mother or other primary caregivers. It’s a time for bonding. You are creating a bond of comfort and love that beings with the intimacy of being held close, cuddled, and read to. These early feelings of love and attachment establish a family book-sharing habit that lasts for years. Reading to baby is all about affection and attention.
Follow these rules:
·         Keep books simple and provide lots of repetition.
·         Use face-to-face contact.
·         Make conversation with your baby/toddler about the book.
·         Use affirmations but don’t make corrections.
·         Have fun!
Start early. At birth, babies detect the sound of your voice even when they are asleep. After three months, read when babies are alert and awake. Read a few minutes twice a day and stop when baby gets restless. Choose a quiet environment without too much background noise or distractions so that you have your baby’s attention.
Babies can point to pictures, turn pages, and pull books out of the book box by around eight months of age. They love cause-and-effect feature such as lifting flaps, touching different textures, or pushing noise buttons. It’s never too early for a baby to explore books!

BrillBaby - a baby teaching resource

A wonderful resource I would also recommend is www.brillbaby.com, by BrillKids.

Check out the many baby reading videos there, as well as the articles that explore the topic of baby reading, including why teach babies to read, and how to teach them to read.

BrillKids also makes Little Reader, which I consider to be the most complete and effective toolkit available for parents who wish to teach their baby or toddler to read.

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