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J. Richard Gentry, Ph.D .









 Gene P. Ouellettee, Ph.D









How the Science of Reading Informs Teaching



Available Winter 2019


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About the Authors


J. Richard Gentry, PhD is an internationally acclaimed author, researcher, and educational consultant known for his ground-breaking work in education on topics such as early literacy; best-practices for reading, writing, and spelling; and dyslexia. In addition to authoring 16 books, 2 textbook series, and numerous journal and magazine articles, he blogs for the prestigious Psychology Today magazine offering commentary on a range of topics including education and policy, reading and the brain, baby/toddler reading, and educational standards.


Gene Ouellette, Ph.D is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at Mount Allison University. He is currently Head of the Psychology Department and Head Coach of the Women's varsity soccer team.

His areas of scholarly expertise include cognitive development, educational psychology, the acquisition of literacy, speech and language impairments, and psycholinguistics.

J. Richard Gentry

Author, Educator, Speaker